MXUnit Eclipse Plugin 1.4.1 Released

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thanks again to Denny Valliant for the latest updates to the MXUnit Eclipse plugin. This release includes two important features:

  • “Run as MXUnit Test” is now added to the “Run As” menu. This includes keybinding support, so you can now run your tests from keys. The default binding, following the Eclipse pattern, is Alt+Shift+X, M. You can change this to something more finger friendly in preferences.
  • Until now, when a test fails and shows you the list of files in the tag context, those files would only be openable if they existed in projects. No more. The plugin now supports opening the files from the file system if they are not in a project.

As always, the update site is at Enjoy… And please thank Denny when you pass him in the halls!

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