MongoDB at Ria Unleashed

Thursday, August 26, 2010

RIA Unleashed is back for a 2nd year, and it’s going to be a great one? Why? Because yours truly is speaking, naturally!

No no no, I’m not going to yap for yet another hour on unit test this, TDD that, automate blah blah blah. This time, MongoDB gets some lovin’.

See, a while back, Billy started poking about with Mongo. He wrote some blog posts and started CFMongoDB. As fate would have it, earlier this year I had a chance to work on a project using Mongo, and I took to it quite naturally. With Billy going back to school to join the neckbeards doing Ph.D. work, I’ve taken up the reigns of CFMongoDB for the timebeing. Meanwhile, Brian Rinaldi asked me if I’d like to speak at RIA Unleashed, and he graciously accepted a topic on Mongo. Here it is:

MongoDB is a popular open source Document-oriented database. Like other NoSQL datastores, it's fast and scalable. Unlike most others, it provides rich ad-hoc query capabilities which we ColdFusion developers know and love. During the presentation, I'll give a broad overview of the usual introductory topics: MongoDB's "solution space", installation, working with the shell, administration, and replication. Then I'll dive into using Mongo with ColdFusion, showing why I enjoy working with Mongo, the problems I've encountered, and how to solve them.
By session's end, attendees should understand what problems MongoDB was meant to address and how to use MongoDB as a datastore in their CFML projects.

RIA Unleashed is a kick-ass, reasonably priced, 2-day conference featuring both sessions and workshops by world-famous speakers such as Ray Camden, Jesse Warden, Bob “All Your Mocks Are Belong to Us” Silverberg, and the guy who created Peanuts!

During its inaugural year, teh twitterz were buzzing with compliments. This year will be even better!

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