Mylyn and Jira: A Short Tutorial

Monday, March 1, 2010

Recently, I wrote about why I believe Mylyn is an indispensable tool for developers on the Eclipse platform – this includes CFEclipse and ColdFusion Builder users. I also wrote about my favorite Mylyn-related toolbar item.

Today, I created a screencast that quickly shows how to link Mylyn to a Jira instance:

In Words:

In Eclipse or ColdFusion Builder:

  1. Window – Show View – Task Repositories
  2. Right click in the view and select “Add Task Repository”
  3. Select “Jira”. If it’s not in the list, hit the “Install More Connectors” button and install the Atlassian  Connector from there
  4. Hit “Next”
  5. Enter the URL to your jira install, label it, and enter your credentials
  6. Expand “Additional Settings”.
  7. I like to set the “Refresh Configuration Automatically” checkbox and I limit the search results to 100. Do whatever you like
  8. Hit the “Validate Settings” button at the bottom. Then hit “Finish”
  9. It’ll prompt you to pull in a Query from Jira. These will be your saved filters, which will include Jira’s default filters in addition to any custom filters you’ve created
  10. Select a filter or create  a new query. Hit enter and wait for them to load.



Once you’ve done that initial bit of setup, you’re ready to rock. You can now work with Mylyn from the “Task list” view (this will be your main Mylyn view). If you want to include other filters, do this:

  1. From the “Task List” view, right click and select “New Query”
  2. Select your jira install, and hit Next
  3. You can create a new query with the query builder form, OR:
  4. You can use a saved filter from your Jira Install. I like this method
  5. Select the “use saved filter” radio button, and select a filter. If you’ve added one that doesn’t show up in the list, hit the “Update from repository” button
  6. Hit “Finish”

Your filter will now show up as a new tree item in the Task List view

Happy Mylyn-ing!


Brian Carr said...

Excellent screencast Marc. I've been working with Jira and Eclipse for quite some time now at my last several jobs and for some strange reason have never used the Mylyn plugin. I have seen the light! In fact we have a cfcommons public instance of Jira as of a couple weeks ago and will be experimenting with Mylyn on that system starting today.

Marko said...

El excelente! Just what I am going to need in near future. Thank you.

Marc Esher said...

Very cool, dudes. Good luck!

Jason Dean said...


Thanks for these Mylyn posts. I have learned some new things and had several things reinforced. I am glad that I am doing many of these things right (or at least the same as you).