Mylyn and Jira: Sharing Context with Another Developer

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

When working on a team of developers, it sometimes is useful to reassign an issue to another developer. In Jira, you simply hit the “Reassign” link; this is standard amongst all issue trackers worth their salt.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could also copy your Mylyn context? If you could say “I’ve been working on these 5 files, and when I reassign this issue to you, you’re going to get the same view of the world as me so you don’t have to figure out what files are involved in this issue”?

Here’s how:

In Words

  1. In ColdFusion Builder or Eclipse, In the Issue editor for a given issue, go to the “Context” tab
  2. It will show you all the elements associated with your context
  3. In the upper left, Click the “Attach Context” link. Follow to completion. This will attach your context to the Jira issue
  4. When the other developer working on the issue activates it, Mylyn will recognize that they do not have any context for the issue yet and will prompt them to open your context.
  5. When they do so, it’ll open up just the files you had attached to the context


Big Caveat: This relies on both developers having projects that are named the same


Mike Henke said...

Project naming is something I hope gets fixed in Mylyn. If you rename a project, all the context gets lost.

Marc Esher said...

It makes sense since the context appears to just be xml, which stores the "resource" path, which starts at the project name.

agreed, though: it'd be nice if it weren't so brittle. I've kind of just learned not to rename projects.