ColdFusion Builder: Importing existing projects into a new workspace

Monday, March 1, 2010

In ColdFusion builder and CFEclipse, I like to keep my workspace “light”, meaning I keep only a few open projects in the workspace at any one time. When it becomes necessary to work on a previous project that isn’t in my workspace, I “import” that project back in.

This method is also useful when you have already created projects in CFBuilder or CFEclipse and you want to use them in a new workspace. The “long” way would be to start a new workspace and then to do File – New – Create Project… for all the projects that you’ve already created.

The fast way is to simply “Import” them. I whipped up a screencast to demonstrate this:

In words:

In ColdFusion Builder or CFEclipse:

  1. File – Import – Existing Projects into Workspace
  2. Type the directory where your project lives.
    1. If you want the option to import ALL projects in your webroot, you could simply type the location of your webroot – for example, c:\inetpub\wwwroot. This will take a while since it will scan every directory for .project files
    2. Alternately, if you know which directories your project lives in, you could do them one at a time
  3. Hit Enter
  4. Hit Finish

Special Thanks to Dan Wilson for suggesting this tutorial

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