Does ColdFusion Builder freeze for you? You can help

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I’ve been using ColdFusion builder extensively at work recently. It is beta software, so my intentions for using it are at least in part to help ferret out bugs so that when it launches, it’s a stable product that we can all trust. Currently, it’s not quite there yet, and so I want to show you a quick and easy tip for helping the CFBuilder team diagnose problems related to stability. This is in the spirit of “every little bit helps”.

I have posted this bug, which contains a description of what I experience every time CFBuilder freezes/hangs. In addition, I attached a java Stack Trace to the bug, hoping to give the CFB team some insight into what Eclipse is doing at the time of the freeze. I think that seeing the stack trace is about as close as we can get to showing what’s happening under the hood when CFB freezes.

This assumes you have a recent JDK installed and on your path. You’ll know you’re good if you can open a cmd and type “java –version” and get information. If you can do that, proceed. If not, download a JDK, install it, and continue.

To get a stack trace, you need to know one thing: the process ID of the javaw.exe process for CFBuilder. In Windows, this is as simple as opening up Task Manager (ctrl-alt-escape), finding javaw.exe, and noting the value in the “PID” Column. If you don’t have that, you can get it by choosing “View – Select Columns” and toggling the “PID” checkbox. It looks like this:



Now then, to get the stack trace into a file, open a cmd and type

jstack <pid> > CFBuilderStackTrace.txt

This will pipe the output of the jstack command into that file. From there, you can copy the stack. Feel Free to add it as a comment to this bug.




Timothy said...

I'll have to do the stack trace. I've reported it freezing, and described what was happening, but didn't think to grab the stack trace. Good idea!

Steve said...

Any advice for what to do when you get "Access is denied" when trying to run jstack? I waited all day to get CFB to freeze up on me (it did it 3x yesterday - seems to be more frequent when tag/quote completion is turned on)

Marc Esher said...

Steve, if you're on Windows 7, it might just be solved by following the instructions here:

Steve said...

That did it - thanks!

Marc Esher said...

Steve, glad it worked. Now you can work in CFB for a whole day again patiently awaiting a freeze. Good luck.

Steve said...

No doubt it'll happen again. Either I'm not looking hard enough or don't use enough features of CFB to uncover any simpler bugs. I only seem to encounter the ones that lock it up. Go figure...