MXUnit Eclipse Plugin 1.2 Released

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

We’re happy to announce a new version of the MXUnit Eclipse plugin is available. The goal of this release is to simplify configuration for projects with respect to helping the plugin figure out the “cfc root” (i.e., turning c:\myproject\myapps\test\whatever\SomeTest.cfc into “myapps.test.whatever.SomeTest”). It’s always been a sore spot… this business of “What’s my webroot? Do I use the webroot or project properties? What if I have my project set up like this…?” 

With this release, the “webroot” stuff is gone. The CFC root is now configured only at the project level. For current projects that live at the webroot (like c:\inetpub\wwwroot\MyApp”), this should not cause you to reconfigure anything. For projects that live in other places, you might need to spend a minute configuring when you update the plugin. Of my dozen or so Eclipse projects, I had to update one. But my hope is that this change results in a much clearer configuration path for new users.

In addition, the Plugin’s built-in help has been expanded and reorganized. Now, when you click on the green “Help” (?) Icon on the plugin view, you get a much simplified view of the help, designed to take you to the two most commonly asked questions: How do I configure this thing to get the correct CFC path, and what’s this RemoteFacade URL all about? It looks like this:


If you want more, there’s a link there to take you to the full help. When you click that link, you get taken to the introduction page for the Help. That looks like this:



If you click the “Show in Contents” Button toward the top right of the view, you get the tree view of the help (This is the same view you’d get if you opened Help from “Help – Help Contents -- MXUnit”). If you expand the tree view, you’ll see the new organization of the Help content for the plugin. It looks thusly:


I added new documentation for configuring projects that need an Application.cfc, for projects that test CF9 ORM components, and all new documentation for the new way in which the CFC path for a test file is derived and configured. In addition, I added documentation on some things that MXUnit or the plugin doesn’t do but which weren’t clearly specified. Finally, I expanded the “Resources” section. Notice too that there are now links to “Troubleshooting”, “Frequently Asked Questions”, and “Tips and Tricks”, all from our new Wiki (created and hosted by MXUnit hombre Adam Haskell (Side note: if you have any thoughts on what content should be added into the wiki, or how it could be better organized, we want to hear it!). I wanted to put this documentation on the wiki, and not directly in the plugin, so that I could easily update it without having to push new releases of the plugin. Plus, this way, more people can contribute.

As always, if you have problems with or questions about the plugin, the fastest way to get answers is via the Google group.

Test and be Happy.


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