MXUnit 1.0.8 Released

Friday, November 27, 2009

Los Hombres at are proud to announce a new smokin' release. Aside from some minor bug fixes, including improvements to the Ant task, and Open Blue Dragon compatibilities (Thanks to Peter Farrell!), we have some sweet features that will make your testing more productive and even downright fun! Ok, that was a stretch ... but check it out anyway...

Eclipse Plugin: New data comparison feature. Highlight a failed test and click the little 'book'-looking button in the middle part of the plugin view. It'll pop up a compare dialog and you can use the "next change" and "previous change" buttons on the far right to navigate through the differences.

Note that this will be the last version to support Eclipse 3.3.

Framework: New data driven capabilities via mxunit:dataprovider annotation. Use queries, arrays, and Excel to power your tests.

<cfset name_data = ['joe','taj','mary','juan','hans', 'bjork','chaksa'] /> 

<cffunction name="testNameValidation" mxunit:dataprovider="name_data">
   <cfargument name="name" hint="Each name item in the name_data array" />
   <cfset assertTrue( myObject.validateName(name), "#name# not valid" ) />

See for details

Note: Application.cfm file is still included and should be removed after install to facilitate integration with frameworks or other applications.

Continuous Integration with Hudson: MXUnit is now being built on a continuous basis. Test results can be viewed here: and nightly builds can be downloaded from:

Installation and Default Look and Feel: New logos and layout are incorporated into the default installation.

Also, we'd like to welcome two new MXUnit hombres: Randy Merrill and Bob Silverberg. Randy has been busy doing some much needed project organization and graphics. Bob will be taking on integrating mocking into MXUnit.

Test and Be Happy!
Los Hombres.


Henry Ho said...

"Highlight a failed test and click the little 'book'-looking button in the middle part of the plugin view."

I don't see it. Using latest version available,

bill shelton said...


It should be located to the far right of the "Tag Context" label between the list of tests and the test results/stack trace pane.


Henry Ho said...

oh~! I see it now. Thx.

Ade said...

Hi guys.
Just downloaded latest version and there is no index.cfm in the root of the mxunit dir.

bill shelton said...

Ade, thanks for pointing that out! Looks like some incompatibility in Ant between build environments. I manually uploaded a new distribution. See if that works for you.