Saving Insert Picture settings in Windows Live Writer

Monday, September 7, 2009

Here’s a how-to for something that’s annoyed me about Windows Live Writer since I started using it several months back.

The Problem

When inserting a picture into a Live Writer blog post, I always want to a) have the picture open in new window and b) change the linked-to picture to appear in its original size. I could not find  a way in Live Writer to set these as defaults; consequently I had to make these changes to every picture I inserted.

That. Sucks.

The Solution

Found right in the Live Writer Help:

“To apply the properties of the current picture to all pictures that you insert in the future, in the Picture pane, click the Picture tab, and then click Save settings as default.”

Sure enough… it’s there. In the bottom right. Exactly where I’d expect it not to be. But hey, who am I to complain… It’s free. And this is how you do what I wanted it to do, so ‘nuff bitching. Enjoy!


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