JetBrains to Include MXUnit Support in CFML plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

IntelliJ IDEA is a great Java IDE and the recent plugin for CFML is a nice addition to their suite. I've been following their progress and they offer a competitive commercial alternative to Eclipse flavored development. With the addition of both Flex and CFML in IDEA, this broadens the toolset and abilities for developers who would normally be coding in Java using IDEA. So, it was with excitement when I read that the talented folks at JetBrains are considering adding support for MXUnit in their CFML plugin for IDEA :

Natually, los hombres at MXUnit are always happy to discuss framework and tool integration with anyone in oder to get the best tools in the hands of developers and to support better software quality all around.

Test and be Happy!


Leriz said...

Hy, there! I am that very developer, who is responsible for the coldfusion plugin for intellij idea. Great to know, that your opinion about the plugin is so high and that you are ready to help us with integrating mxunit into idea. Will be glad to come in contact with anyone who is ready to discuss all of that stuff =)

Marc Esher said...

This is great news! I'd like to help you get this going in any way I can. How can I contact you so that I can give you my "brain dump" for how the Eclipse plugin talks to ColdFusion and how that might relate to the way you go about this in IDEA?

Jamie Krug said...

There is now a Google Group for the CFML Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. I'm sure your full "brain dump" will be most welcome there, Marc ;-)

As I'm sure you know, there is now MXUnit support, but it's just begun...