CFUnited 2009: Best New Blog? God help us all

Sunday, August 23, 2009

In what was, I assure you, a complete surprise, the MXUnit blog won “best new blog of the year” at the CFUnited Community Awards.

This isn’t good. This portends terrible things. When the best the ColdFusion community has to offer in the “new” category is a  unit testing blog where the two dudes who write on it never write about unit testing and generally just go on about all manner of inane things other than ColdFusion programming – where you get posts with samurai videos and Rated-R banners and occasional talk of “truth tables” – then it’s time to consider a switch to a different language.

God help us all.

And THANKS! to the 3 people who voted for us. You guys rock! (the check’s not in the mail… we lied. You should’ve voted for Jason, suckers!).

A full list of winners is here:


(In all seriousness: we’re flattered and humbled. Thanks a million to Todd for keeping the community awards alive. If there were a category for “ColdFusion Community King”, I’d vote for you, Todd.)


--Marc and Bill

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