CFUnited 2009 “Automate Like a Rock Star” Presentation Materials

Sunday, August 23, 2009

First, a HUGE thank you to the people who spent their hour with me. You could’ve gone to see Joe Rinehart, Mike Brunt, and other unbelievably awesome speakers, but you gave your time to me and for that I am truly grateful. I hope it was worth your while. If you didn’t get out of it what you expected, please let me know. I generally don’t give a presentation more than once, so this one’s in the can and in the grave, but knowing what could improve can always help me as I prepare stuff for the future.

Now then: you can get the presentation materials here. If you wanted to learn more about ANT, notice that on that same page is a link to last year’s presentation at CFUnited on ANT… it has a whole bunch of sample ANT files for doing all manner of ridiculously cool things with ANT.

For those of you bitten by the automation bug, please drop me a line as you learn more new ways to master your machine and eliminate soul-killing monkey work from your life!



Dutch Rapley said...

Wow!!! Monkeys AND robots in the same picture. That's truly amazing!!!

Marc Esher said...

It was quite a fortuitous find