New MXUnit released: The Community Edition

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We're pleased to announce a new release of MXUnit. This one's especially meaningful to us because it's largely contributions from the community. Big props to: Barney Boisvert for contributing "run this method" links to the standard HTML test output. This has been in the EXT Grid view since its inception, but that feature never made its way back into the original runner. This is a particularly welcome addition because the standard test runner is much faster than the EXT view. Jamie Krug contributed a patch and tests for deficiencies in makePublic(). Our exchange is here. I gotta tell you, I wish open source worked like this all the time. Jamie posted a bug to the bug tracker -- a very well written bug, by the way -- included patches, went back and forth with me, wrote tests. Outstanding. Denny Valliant has been bugging us forever about making debug() available to all components, not just your tests. He got sick of waiting on me, so he did it himself. Thus, request.debug() was born. It rocks! This is one of those things that will cause some folk to throw up their hands and say "but you're violating [insert whatever it is we're violating] here". I agree. We are. Don't use it if it offends you. Adam Haskell contributed the first of several planned function attributes: mxunit:ExpectedException. Bill, Adam, and I have been going on about this for a very long time (too long!) in preparation for MXUnit 2.0. Blah blah blah. Meanwhile, while we were yapping, Adam wrote the expectedException functionality (and Tests). It's such a time saver! In addition, you'll notice that the links above all point to the new MXUnit wiki. Thank Adam for all of that! We still have a lot of content to move over from the existing MXUnit docs. It'll get there (some day). We've also had a lot of great feedback and ideas contributed from community members. Thanks to Bim Paras, Tim Farrar, Bill Rawlinson, Bob Silverberg, and all the other smart people for the excellent dialogue! Finally, the eclipse snippets have been updated to reflect the expectedException attribute over the old try/fail/catch method for testing expected exceptions. If you like to code fast, please open up the instructions in the mxunit/cfeclipse/snippets directory. You'll be glad you did. Thanks everyone!


Jamie Krug said...

Wow, Marc, more credit than I deserve, but thanks! Like I said, happy to give just a little back to a great open source project that I get to use.

Looks like a nice release. That mxunit:ExpectedException is very slick and time/code-saving!


Big Mad Kev said...


Can't wait to start playing with this in the next for weeks with the new Job :)