Two New MustSeeTV MXUnit Recordings now Online

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In case you missed this the other day when Sean posted it on his site: the recording is now available for our presentation at the Post-MAX BACFUG. See Sean's blog for details. We had a great time at the BACFUG that night. Bill was in rare form, especially for a normally low-key bow-tied sock-clip-wearing Fed. In the presentation, Bill makes the case for how adopting a test mentality improves your life. In my 15 minutes or so, I show some timesavers for generating and running tests. A word of caution: our presentation is probably not the kind of thing you show on the bigscreen at lunchtime to a room full of executives, children, or other people with sensitive ears. If you wilt at the mere hint of a swear word, or cringe at blatant/immature/overt/unnecessary sexual innuendo, then please... skip it. The second half of the presentation -- Joe Rinehart talking about CF and Groovy -- is definitely worth watching. Joe is a top-notch speaker and super smart to boot. Finally, a big thanks to Sean and Paul for organizing the event, and to the folks in the audience who indulged us (or, maybe, suffered our immaturity). In addition, I'm excited to see that our MAX presentation is now available on MAX TV. Watch it here. This is not your typical "introduction to unit testing" presentation. Instead, it's about strategies you can use for making your code more testable. My follow-up post, with all code, is available here. If you're in the mood to practice designing for testability, that post talks about a "Challenge" that's part of the download zip. Be-de Be-de Be-de That's all Folks!

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