Heading to Webmaniacs, and Bleeding for my Art

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I know, the title is a tad histrionic. But hear me out: the hotel rouge looks really, really cool. But then I looked at the parking rates: 20 bucks for day parking, and 30 bucks for overnight. WTF?! Still, even though the parking will bleed me, I'm super excited about the sessions, and about presenting our workshop on mxunit. I plan on getting into DC about 8:00 tonight (Sunday), then heading down to the hotel bar for a beer. DC is a great beer town so I hope the bar lives up to the city's reputation. So, if you're in the hotel bar tonight and see a short bald/blonde dude looking really surly about paying out the yingyang for parking.... Come drink a beer with me!


Joshua said...

Hey, ya if you are flying in I recommend just taking the metro, its about 7.60 for a day pass and about 1.65 for a one way ticket from the airport up to the hotel rouge area.

Much cheaper considering the parking.

Marc Esher said...

Joshua, I'm coming in from pennsylvania, so no flying for me. Where are you coming in from?