The Lazarus effect: Raising a ColdFusion server from the dead with 1 simple code change

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My coworker (and all around good egg) Scott Stroz and I hit an interesting memory problem recently in one of our applications. The fix, and our story, is now documented, with pretty pictures.




Styggiti said...

Marc, since you already have the tests setup for this... I wonder if the same effect is present when looping over a query and simply outputting query contents as HTML.

orangepips said...

This one is a pain in the ass. I've actually go a stackoverflow question going on it that lists your solution and, another approach, and several scenarios that produce the problem:

Marc Esher said...


That is darn interesting. I see that your original but was closed... are you saying that adobe closed the bug but it was not in fact fixed?

I see some of the commenters on your post saying that it's not a bug but is unfortunate behavior. If my experience shows one thing, it's that -- and I'm talking only about my case -- we now have an example where it most certainly is not unfortunate but is indeed aberrant behavior. If two different loops styles, which do the same thing, result in a) a server crashing and b) a server not crashing, then that's a bug.

Has your problem been solved satisfactorily?