MXUnit 2.0 Released

Friday, July 9, 2010

Once again, Los Hombres at are delivering a new batch of the crack cocaine of unit testing for ColdFusion--MXUnit 2.0.  Yes, it's true.  Once tasted, a life of uncontrollable and desperate automated testing will surely ensue. This particular batch has some especially addictive features:
  1. New Open Source License: MIT. Changing from GPL to MIT effectively allows you to integrate MXUnit into any product with little restriction (other than honoring the No Whining clause).
  2. New built-in mocking framework: Simply call the new mock() method to create a new mocked object and inject that into your component under test.
  3. New integrated HTML view: This replaces the existing HTML and ExtJS view and is backward compatible.
  4. New beforeTests() and afterTests() for component-level set up and tear down.
  5. New and improved documentation and bug tracking at and
  6. Ant task improvement: now you can send arbitrary URL parameters to your custom runners.
  7. New Ant build.xml examples and Hudson-friendly examples.
  8. More Eclipse snippets!
  9. More Dataprovider improvements.
  10. Eclipse plugin data compare tool.
  11. Multiple Github fork(s) (
  12. Office Hours every other Monday at 12:00pm US Eastern Time. Join in via Adobe Connect and bring any testing or other technical questions or topics:
MXUnit couldn't deliver the kind of product it is without the generous help of many talented and dedicated programmers. This particular release saw significant contributions from these chefs:

Tim Farrar
Peter Farrell
Patrick McElhaney
Randy Merrill
Bob Silverberg
John Whish

Cop the latest and greatest at and get involved
Test and be Happy!
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Aaron Greenlee said...

Thanks for the hard work guys! I really do appreciate this project. It has added a lot to the community.