Looping over an array in CFScript

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The other day, I was searching the cf9 docs for an equivalent of the <cfloop array=”#myarray#”> functionality introduced in CF8, and it appears that was not introduced. So it was back to ArrayLen() looping for me. Tonight, I saw TWiCF’s Micky Dionisio put this out on the Twitters, and I thought it was cool:

“#coldfusion 9 tip -grab a handle on the iterator of an array by calling someArray.iterator(). then u can use that in script FOR/WHILE loops!"

I never thought of that, so I wanted to give it a whirl.

list = "one,two,three,four";
a = listToArray(list);
for(i=1; i LTE ArrayLen(a); i=i+1){

//traditionally, with cf8+ syntax
a = ["one","two","three","four"];
for(i=1; i <= ArrayLen(a); i++){

//with an iterator
//uncomment if you want to see what's available: writedump(a.iterator());
iter = a.iterator();
        el = iter.next();

Warning: don’t try to skip the iter = a.iterator() and el = iter.next() steps in an effort to save a few lines of code! If you try to loop while(a.iterator().hasNext()), you’ll get stuck in an endless loop because you’ll be returning a new iterator each time. And each time you call iter.next(), you’re advancing through the array; thus, doing writeOutput(iter.next()); doSomethingWithThisElement(iter.next()); will give you very different results from what you’re expecting. You’ve been warned.

Thanks for the tip, Micky!


Henry Ho said...

I wish CF9 add the for..in loop support for array. Looping an array is easier using <cfloop array=""> than cfscript.

bill shelton said...

good tip,marc! challenged me to see if i could make it smaller ... i wonder just how small a cf loop could be?

for(i=-1;++ilt;myarray.size();) {

Micky Dionisio said...
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Micky Dionisio said...

Mark Mandel pointed out that this may be slower since it uses reflection via JavaProxy. Something to consider!


Micky Dionisio said...

last post on this promise.

using a java arraylist with iterator is 500x faster than cf's for loop and cf for loop using iterator.

createobject("java", "java.util.ArrayList");


Marc Esher said...

great information guys. Thanks.

Micky, your friend needn't decompile if he simply wants to see the inheritance tree, available methods, etc. I whipped this up really quick to give a quick and dirty view of a CF Array, but you could use this for just about any cf datatype. note this is literally about 15 minutes of work, just to give me a fast idea of what's what:

a = ["one","two"];
s = {key1="hi mom",key2=a};

public struct function createDirtyStructView(someVar){
var cls = someVar.getClass();
var data = {className=cls.getName(),exceptions=[],methods=[],interfaces=[],parent=cls.getSuperClass().getName(),tree=[]};
var classes = cls.getClasses();
var methods = cls.getMethods();
var interfaces = cls.getSuperClass().getInterfaces();
var i = 1;

var thisParentClass = cls;
var thisParentName = thisParentClass.getName();
var sentry = 100;
while(thisParentName != "java.lang.Object" && i < sentry){
thisParentClass = thisParentClass.getSuperClass();
thisParentName = thisParentClass.getName();
return data;

Micky Dionisio said...


Once again, another great tip to file away. very cool!


FuzzySiberians said...

just a thought : you don't have to convert the list into an array. you can also use:

list = "ten,eleven,twelve";
for (j=1; j lte ListLen(list); j++) {
writeOutput(listGetAt(list,j) & '

edwardbeckettx said...

Useful function Marc ... Thanks ;-)