Driven By The Cold - TDD, MXUnit, and ColdFusion (Part 1)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It was a great learning experience to work with such talented people to deliver this collaborative writing project - peer/technical reviews, editing, editing, and more editing. This made blogging look like post-it hacks! A big thanks to Adobe for providing the venue, support, and process to publish technical know-how and best practices. Building good tools is one thing; showing people how best to use them is another. It's becoming glaringly apparent to this developer that a software product's strength lies equally in its ability to educate as well as it's ability to solve real-world problems. Community involvement is critical, and organizations that foster this collaboration will have a positive impact on the community. Part 1 is available now with Part 2 coming very soon. Test and be Happy! the guys at


Pedro Claudio said...

Very cool, I did a component that allows total control of one tells of the Twitter.

billy said...

@pedro, very nice! But where are your unit tests? ;-)