Eclipse is wonky

Thursday, March 12, 2009

This is really just a self reminder of what to do when eclipse starts going nuts.
  1. Relax. Take your time. Screwing around aimlessly with plugin files often makes things wors.
  2. Create a new workspace.
  3. ... (some magic here)
  4. Profit!
Yes. After wrestling with a misbehaving subversive plugin for a few hours between yesterday and today, filing bug reports with eclipse and generally scouring the web for answers (strange that few people had the same issue I was having = here's a clue), someone made a comment on a website somewhere about having a corrupt workspace.
15 minutes later. Problem solved and I was even able to import my existing projects.


Marc Esher said...

does starting eclipse with the -clean option fix corrupt workspaces?

Mike said...

In my experience, it's about a 50/50 bet. -clean can really improve stability when you install has deteriorated because it's just been around a while and you've added and removed about a thousand plugins.

Sometimes, though, -clean feels like it does nothing to correct your unstable environment and creating a new workspace works wonders.