Code Dojo - Applying Kung Fu To Code

Friday, January 23, 2009

What really caught my attention about this TDD adoption article Marc Esher sent me was the concept of a Code Dojo. The idea is to create fun venue where programmers can get together on a regular basis and practice the craft of coding. The idea behind it is that we, as programmers, learn best from practice. Some of the suggestions for a Code Dojo include making sure it's non-competitive, fun, and a safe place for new ideas. I like the pair-programming TDD approach; that is, a couple of programmers sit in the driver's seat and switch off as appropriate. They discuss what they are doing every step of the way and accept questions and comments from the programmer audience. Check out the Dojo Resources below for other ideas. I really like the Code Dojo concept. It gets programmers to talk to one another in a more social way that we are accustomed to, which is an issue due to the solitary nature of writing software and the incessant pressure to deliver. Think about it. How often in your organization do you get a regular opportunity to discuss programming challenges and practice what you do best? I personally know programmers who are starved for this kind of interaction. From a management perspective, it's not Getting Things Done, but could it increase productivity in the long run? I'd be interested to hear what people's experience has been making this a reality! Test and be Happy! Namasté bill Dojo Resources:


Marc Esher said...

user groups seem like a great place for this kind of thing to happen

Ryan Ace said...

I really like the Code Dojo concept.
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