The Android Revolution

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This is going to come across like bullshit hype, but I've never liked the fact that the hardware I buy (desktop, laptop, and phone, especially.) is effectively owned by the underlying operating system and carrier. Chances are I will never rebuild the OS or even write a killer-app, but it's getting old waiting and waiting and waiting until something gets fixed or a new version released or just trying to find a workaround to some feature I need. But with an open operating system for mobile devices (Google Android), developers and enterprising folks can provide products and services to otherwise enslaved users. Viva la revoluciĆ³n!
As a registered developer at ($25) you can now purchase a fully unlocked HTC G1 for $399 (shipping is exorbitant if you're outside the U.S.). This and the Android SDK will allow you to do whatever you like with your phone. If you already have a G1, like me, you can wait until after the first 90 days into your T-Mobile account and they will give you an unlock code so that you can replace the SIM card with another carrier. If you don't want to wait, the enterprising folks at, for $23, will do this for you. Here's a peek at some Android phone clones: Android G1 Marketing crap: Android Dev Phone (May have to register first ...) Overview

Run and debug your Android™ applications directly on a device. Modify and rebuild the Android operating system, and flash it onto a phone. The Android Dev Phone 1 is carrier independent, and available for purchase by any developer registered with Android Market™. Price: $399 USD

Unlocked T-Mobile G1


Mark said...

Maybe time to pick up a Kogan Agora! (Australia made, ships internationally), also an android phone.

I like the fact that Android makes things like the Agora possible.

I'm hanging out to see what the reviews are on the Agora, I may pick on up in the new year.

Marc Esher said...

bill, you had me at Che...