Advanced Unit Testing Patterns at Adobe MAX 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This morning, Bill and I delivered a session at Adobe MAX on Designing components for testability. Considering that the CF9 ORM session was scheduled at the same time, I was pleasantly surprised that we had a decent turnout. Thanks to all who showed up! A zip file is available here. This contains the slides plus all the code we showed. I forgot to mention this during the presentation, but there is an "appendix" directory in the code. it contains some samples of other components designed for testability. Most importantly though, it contains a Challenge. In there you'll find a working example of a PDF thumbnail generator... generating thumbnail images of PDF pages using CFPDF. There's a test for the component in there as well. The thing is... the test sucks. It's brittle. It's slow. The challenge is to refactor both the code and the test to make it easier to test, using the concepts discussed during the presentation. So go download the code, create a new project, and play! In the code/challenge directory is a README file explaining what to do. When you think you have something, ping us on the MXUnit Google group and we can hash it out. I purposely did not include my solution to the problem in the zip file! I want to see what people come up with on their own. Update The session recording is now available here. Enjoy


billy said...

I have one Java Maduro cigar left from Max. The winner, picked by a panel of expert unit testers, will receive that fine stogacious vice and glowing accolades from all around the globe.

bill developers or their families are automatically disqualified.

Troy said...

Hey guys, just wanted to say that this session was one of the best I attended at MAX this year. The presentation was excellent and we're excited about using MXUnit.


Marc Esher said...

@Troy: Thanks man!!!