MXUnit 1.0.3 Now Available

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A new release of MXUnit is now available. Get it while it's hot. 1.0.3 comprises a "Bug Fix" and a feature. The bug in question was thoroughly described by Bob Silverberg here. In a nutshell, the eclipse plugin was bombing when an error was thrown containing a non-string error "Type". This required a simple fix to RemoteFacade.cfc. Props to Bob for finding the bug and working with me to pinpoint the source of the problem! Bob sent me a self-contained set of files that clearly demonstrated the issue. It took me literally 30 seconds to see what he was talking about. A lot longer to identify the source of the problem, mind you, but because Bob took the time to make it easy to duplicate the problem, this bug was fixed really fast. The feature came from a suggestion by Randy Merill to enable DirectoryTestSuite to work with relative paths. Previously, it required an absolute path as the Directory argument. Now, it'll take a relative path and try to resolve it using expandPath(). The full discussion is here. Props to Randy for the suggestion and for contributing the code to make it happen. Happy testing. --marc

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