MXUnit eclipse plugin update. This one's for Barney

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A new version of the MXUnit plugin for Eclipse is now available. I know... you're so excited you can hardly contain yourself! Before you hit the update button, here's what's new:
  • A new "Show Failures Only" button to filter out the passing tests and show you just the bad stuff. This is a persistent toggle, meaning that once you turn it on, subsequent test suites will continue to filter out passing tests until you toggle off. However, if ALL tests pass, the filter is ignored.
  • A new feature just for Barney Boisvert (read here for the inspiration). This is a small helper for people who use the project-level facade URL feature. This new feature is also documented in the integrated help within the plugin. Thanks for the suggestion, Barney!
  • A bug fix. Have you ever seen it where you run a bunch of tests, and maybe the console view is open on the bottom of the workbench, and the scrollbars in the test run view get hidden? If you have suffered through this tragic, disgraceful behavior, you can sleep a little easier now. It is gone.


Jim Priest said...

You guys rock!

I on the other hand suck because I haven't gotten around to using this yet. Doesn't integrate well in the spaghetti code I'm currently maintaining :(

Ilya Fedotov said...

Great work, I am really enjoying working with MXUnit. Thanks.