New MXUnit goodies and a few backwards compatibility busters

Friday, July 11, 2008

There are a few small enhancements in the 1.0 mxunit release i wanted to talk about... and one change that will break some of your tests. 1) definitely check out the cfeclipse directory in the download. it's got snippets, a dictionary file, and instructions for both. for you ANT fans, there's a copy.xml file in there that should make bringing the snippets and keyCombos into your existing stuff a snap. 2) we don't encourage the (over)use of makePublic(), but it's nice in a pinch. One thing I never liked about it was that when you used it, the "public" version of your private function had a different name. For example, "doSomething" got turned into "_doSomething". That has been changed so that the name defaults to be the same as the function you're making public. If you have existing code that uses makePublic(), IT WILL BREAK!. Simply remove the underscore from the function call and all is well 3) if you were using any of the assertEmpty.... functions in the "MXUnitAssertionExtensions" component, they now behave exactly the opposite of how they did previously. Now, they do what they claim to do, i.e. assert something is empty. We had it backwards before. Blame it on the beer, scotch, stogies, and kids. 4) there's a new injectMethod() function in TestCase. For now, ignore it. I have a little more tweaking to do before it works properly for lightweight mocking. We'll be putting out a patch for it within the next few days, after we hear from other issues that people have. 5) the plugin and framework should now work with open bluedragon. If you have any problems with OBD and mxunit, please let us know. As for railo, I tried it as soon as it released, there was a bug in railo (because we were doing some dumb stuff that exposed the bug), and railo fixed it but i haven't given it another shot. I'm fairly certain that at this point mxunit will not work with railo... at least, the plugin probably won't. on a side note, i am extremely impressed with railo's responsiveness! extremely. I posted this "issue" one day and i think it was fixed the next. Like my daddy used to say, I didn't know whether to shit or go blind. Regardless, it's because of their responsiveness that we will indeed be making a hearty effort to get mxunit fully working with railo very shortly. 6) the ant task has been updated and now respects the "excludes" attribute. for me this was a big deal. thanks bill! So, any issues with the new release, please post it to the mxunit group or file a bug report at the googlecode site. thanks!

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