MXUnit 1.0 Now Available!

Friday, July 11, 2008

A really long time in the making, los hombres at ( are finally distributing the first production release of their open source Unit Test Framework and Eclipse Plugin for ColdFusion Developers.

The big truth is that we want to get this version out because we are chomping at the bit to make MXUnit much more robust and flexible -"We're figuring on biggering and biggering ..." - Dr. Suess

Improvements since RC-1:
* More documentation and tutorials
* Dictionary and snippets for CFEclipse
* assertXPath(...) for testing generated html, xml, and anonymous web pages
* assertSame()/assertNoteSame() - Thanks Mark Mandel!
* HTML runner and remote web runner for test suites
* Test Blaster - recursive test stub generator
* Ant task: errorproperty/failure property, and more ...
* J2EE CFML open source (Railo/OBD) comparability issues addressed - Thanks Adam Haskel!
* And one, maybe two minor bug fixes ;-)

Upcoming Features:
* Selenium Integration
* Annotations for flexibility
* Improved TestSuite constructs
* Test report generation (in lieu of JUnit reports)
* And more ...

Upcoming Events:
* ColdFusion Meetup - "Database-centric Testing w/MXUnit", Thursday, July 17, 2008. 12:00 Noon EDT
* Adobe Max 2008 - "Advanced Patterns for ColdFusion Test Automation", Wednesday, November 19, 9:30 AM  PST

Key Features:
* Easy to see your data with cfoutput, cfdump, and debug()
* Easy to run single test functions
* Easy "directory runner" for running entire directories of tests
* Easy to test private functions in your components
* Ability to switch to message-first style assertions to help ease transition from other frameworks
* A plethora of output formats from which to choose
* Ant Integration
* A team actively improving the framework, making testing easier, and providing abundant documentation

Download the latest version of the framework here: and update your MXUnit Eclipse plugin using the following url:

Special thanks out to Sean Corfield all the folks who really kicked the tires and gave good honest feedback! Keep 'em coming ...

The Guys at


Eric Knipp said...

Great news guys. We have been using MXUnit for 6 months and it has added significant value to our project, which happens to be a Treasury project (can't discuss publicly).

Thanks for all your work.

bill said...

Thanks, Eric! That's really good to hear. Btw, I'm a full-time employee myself (D.C.). Contact me off-line. I'd really like to hear how it's being used, generally, of course.


Peter Bell said...

Great job guys - thanks!

Jim Priest said...

I wish I had an app to test! :)

Luis Majano said...

Thanks for the hard work and changing the way I code!!

MXUnit is totally incredible

Terrence Ryan said...

Congrats guys! Downloaded and used already.

Bob Silverberg said...

Great work guys, excellent tool. Btw, there's an error in the link to the MXUnit site at the top of your post. It's pointing to "".

bill said...

@peter - Thanks, and it was a true pleasure meeting and hanging out with you this year!

@jim - I got one for you - mxunit 2.0 :-)

@luis - Thanks - That means a lot!

@terry - Thanks, bro! We'll smoke 'em again sometime w/Marc, et al.

@bob - thanks for the kind words and pointing out the, eh, bug ... the word makes me uneasy. I don't mind the biological critters, really! It's the other ones that cause distress.

Doug Hughes said...

Hi, I've just recently started using MXUnit over cfcunit. First off, congrats on a good product. It's not perfect, but it beats the pants off the competition.

I do wish a couple of things. First off, I wish the ant runner took a requesttimeout parameter. Our tests take more than 30 seconds to run so the Ant runner won't work. I had to edit the HttpAntRunner.cfc and add a cfsetting to allow for longer running tests.

Also, for future versions of the framework you might want to consider building it using ColdSpring. It would be really nice to have CS integration AND it would be nice to be able to override parts of the framework (such as the ant test runner) without having to edit he framework itself.

But, again, congrats on releasing the best unit testing tool in the CF world.

bill said...

@doug - thanks for the comments! Good points on the timeout issue. I'll make note. We are, in fact, already planning the next major release, which will be significant. I'll float the CS framework possibility to the guys.


garygilbert said...

Thanks for bringing this framework out. We could definitely use a unit testing framework here at work!