It's not you, Arturo...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A little over a year ago, I sprung 5 bucks on an Arturo Fuente. Until then, I'd never spent that much on a stogie. It was a life-altering cigar. Literally. I've spent more money on Fuentes since then than I ever would've spent on stogies had I stuck with my 1.20/stick cheapo La Fincas. Not life altering in the same way that marriage or children are, not even close. But still... Fuentes have been my staple stogie, a friend I return to time and again. Since then, I've bought boxes of Monte Cristos, smoked kickass Cohibas, Ashtons, and all manner of brands in between. I won 3 monster Gurkha "shaggy" cigars at an event at Cross Street Tobacco in Federal Hill, stickering at 15/stick, and they were magnificent. To the hunchbacked guys huddled over their rolling tables in the forests of Nicaragua and Honduras, a hearty "Thank you!" My wife and kids are out of town this week, at my in-laws. I couldn't go b/c of work, but I miss them terribly. So I decided to while away the time with good beers (Dogfish), programming, and cigars. My wife and daughters come home tomorrow (Thank God!), so I decided to spend the last night of my short-lived quasi-bachelorhood with a new stogie. I'm sorry, Arturo. It's not you. I still love you. But damn... Onyx Maduro, you .... *gasp*.... complete me. (super ghey reference, I know) Lord, what a stogie. A 2-hour smoke, burnt down to the very nub, and excellent all the way. Most stogies start to suck after an hour or so. They get hot, tarrish, nasty. But this one, jeeeeesh. I'm in awe. I married my bride at 4 on a Saturday afternoon. My firstborn, Alexis, was born at 10:15 on a Saturday Night. My dear little Sidney was born in the wee hours on a Thursday. Those nights are reserved in the "Best Saturday and Thursday nights of my life". Tonight, thanks to you Onyx, gets the Wednesday slot.

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