Coldbox and the CFEclipse Frameworks explorer

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I just tried installing CFEclipse 3.2 beta again, and I see that coldbox still isn't supported in the Frameworks explorer. So I'm like, "hey, I remember Mark saying that the frameworks explorer was a framework for exploring frameworks", so I decided to dig into the XML and see if I could get it going. So I'm poking around in the cfeclipse code, just getting familiar with what's going on, and I fire up a debug session, and I add a coldbox project, and I set the coldbox.xml.cfm file as a config file, and I open up the explorer, and there's all these rad icons in there. So I'm like, WTF? So I open up the frameworks config directory, and lo and behold, there's coldbox right in there already. Now, the file timestamps indicate that this was in there before 1.3.2 was released, so I'm not sure what might have happened that this stuff didn't make it into the build. Nonetheless, that saved me a lot of time because all the work was done. However, this didn't solve the central problem, because if the stuff ain't in the distribution, how do I get it in my current CFEclipse install? Here's what you do: 1) download the attached file and unzip it into your eclipse\plugins\org.cfeclipse.cfml.frameworks_1.0.3 directory OR, if you want to get it from source: 1) check out the cfeclipse frameworks directory from SVN. If you want to save yourself the headaches, just read this ( and do the team project set thing. it's a snap. 2) that will get all the cfeclipse code into your workspace. NOT your current plugins directory... your workspace. 3) go into your workspace, navigate to the frameworks project, and copy the config and icons directories into another temp location 4) remove the .svn stuff from there 5) now, take those directories and copy them into your eclipse\plugins\org.cfeclipse.cfml.frameworks_1.0.3 directory 6) restart eclipse. 7) find a coldbox project, find the coldbox.xml.cfm file, right click, set as config file, and bam. Done! Now, looking at how frameworks explorer works, I gotta tell you: it is unbelievably cool. Mad props to you, Mark Drew, for this gem. esher, out!


Luis Majano said...

Hi Marc, I turned in the xml code and icons to Mark after cf objective 2007. So it has been there for quite a while now. I just tried it on my other machine and bammm, not there. I really thought that Mark had added it to the distro :(
I had done tons of icons for it and also actions. I am actually even creating more icons and actions. Hopefully, they can add them to the distro, I am really surprised it is not active.


Marc Esher said...

oh, sweet, so you did the work then? well.... i emailed mark asking for permission to just post the icons and config directly to this post, but i haven't heard back yet. so i think i'll just post it and pull it and ask for forgiveness later if i need to.