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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Unlike Linus Torvalds, I won't call you stupid and ugly if you use CVS or Subversion. If you use VSS, you already know you are stupid and ugly - from 9-5/M-F I am very stupid and ugly for just this reason. And, the thought of being able to have a distributed network of trust and knowledge such that we can pull intellectual assets (source code and binaries) directly from each other as opposed to a single repository is a fascinating concept and challenges me to think differently. It becomes more of a graph model for collaboration, or a web, rather than some more linear constraint where we are dealing with a single definitive reference for software resources. This is not so say the there doesn't need be some kind of centralization at times, but when a team is geographically dispersed, sometimes on-line, sometimes off, being able to build software and collaborate efficiently just makes sense. Git claims and delivers performance. It is fast. It's merging capabilities are supposed to be strong; and that's next on my list, as that, for me, can be the most painful part of source code management. The security built into git is also very good, from what this inexperienced hack can tell. I'm brand new to git but have set up a source tree for MXUnit at GitHub. I hope to keep it in sych with the existing main Subversion repository. Note that MXUnit has no plans yet to move to git, we're checking it out. Git – Fast Version Control System Git on MySys (Windows fork) Google Tech Talk: Linus Torvalds on git MXUnit pulic Git repository I'd be interested to hear about your experience with git ... thanks, bill

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