MXUnit Eclipse plugin updates

Monday, March 10, 2008

I released a new version of the mxunit eclipse plugin yesterday. The new features are:
  • progress bar enhancement
  • cfdump javascript should now work
details for the truly bored or curious are here and here --marc


bill said...

I personally think the dancing pixie implementation is not only well worth the effort, as it will certainly increase usability, but I'm sure Mike would be more than happy to contribute the ever-growing plugin Cohiba tab.


Marc Esher said...

i don't know man. Mike's not cheap like me, but i don't think he's gonna buy me cohibas no matter what I do.

we're hanging out this wednesday at duclaw for the release of their stout, and i'll be lucky if he buys me one beer.

mike: the gauntlet has been thrown down, sir.

I'm going to anticipate mike's response. it'll be something like: "I ain't never been slapped wit no duelin' glove before!"

Mike said...

Ha. I seem to be missing a baby stogie.

Hey, did you ever wonder why that "duelin' slap" didn't result in an immediate brawl? I always thought a little "dirt eatin'" seemed like a natural follow up to that slap thing. "Where's your honor now, nancy boy?"

Ok, I'll be in cuba on Tuesday for the swearing in parade. I'll see if they let me bring one back for you.

Marc Esher said...

that is one of life's great ponderables. well met, my man.

Mike said...

For the record, I'd just like to state that I made a dent in my Cohiba debt.