If you're as cheap as I am, this might matter to you

Friday, March 14, 2008

WebManiacs, which is shaping up to be quite a packed venue, ends its early bird pricing today. Here's the math: sign up for cfmaniacs now, save 100 bucks sign up for flexmaniacs now, save 150 bucks. sign up for both, save 150 bucks Here's the consequence of said math, in Marc's world: 100 bucks = 2 bottles of Dalwhinnie 15 + 4 Arturo Fuentes 100 bucks = 2 cases Weyerbacher Big Bears + 1 box Gisperts 100 bucks = @9 DogfishHead 120-minute IPA bottles oh. yeah. 100 bucks = lots of new toys for my beautiful children. (in case the wife's reading this). 150 bucks = all of the above plus a steak at one of DC's many great steakhouses 150 bucks = all of the above plus dozens of wings for you and all the peeps you'll meet at WebManiacs and so on... See here for all you get


Terrence Ryan said...


You're a stogie fan? We'll have to meet up and Webmaniacs. No one ever smokes cigars at these conferences.

bill said...

In addition to CFEclipse and other tools, we requested of FigLeaf to provide cutters and ashtrays as part of our technical requirements for the MXUnit workshop. It has been our experience that even the mere thought of Cohibas, which are rumored to be present in certain numbers, has greatly improved the overall quality of our software.


Marc Esher said...

Terrence... it's a deal. from what i understand, Bill's leaving the El Producto's at home and bringing the Cohibas. 'Course, they're probably fake, but he'll never tell.

Short/funny/completely unrelated story but your point about "no one smokes cigars at these conferences" reminds me of two things at MAX last year in Chicago:

#1: I'm in the hotel lobby bar, talking to some tool from IBM. No, not all IBMers are tools. Just this one. Anyway, the lobby bar at the Palmer House Hilton is damn nice. They serve Dalwhinnie. So I have one. After an excruciating half hour talking to IBMTool, the bartender asks me if I want another. I say to the guy, "On the bill, will this be marked 'bar' or 'restaurant'?". Cause, you know, these things are important for, uh, accounting.

So the bartender turns around, does some stuff, then turns back to me, puts another dalwhinnie down, and says "Enjoy your cheeseburger, sir".

Ok, Story #2: I go out one night looking for a cigar bar right around the Hilton. I can't find one, so I amble in to the Exchequer (sp?) and end up talking to these rad folks from the Mayo clinic in Minnesota. They were MAXers. A while later, I leave, and I really want a stogie. So I light one up outside the hilton. Well, wouldn't you know it, some bum comes up on me begging for money. I'm a sucker. I say to the dude, "What are you gonna use it for. And don't lie to me". He says "I ain't gonna lie to you man. i need a drink". So I give the dude all the quarters in my pocket.

Stupid. For like 5 minutes, he won't let me alone. he's praising me up and down like i was jesus christ himself and i just turned quarters into liquor. and then he starts telling me stories about how I'm lucky i'm a guy, because a woman standing on the street corner in chicago would be stolen by cabbies. he just kept going on and on about "yeah, man, the cabbies around here roll up and steal white women and be rapin em and shit". Freaked me out man.

And that, gents, is your brain on crack.