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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

ColdFusion Meetup - "ANT on the Wire: Using FTP, Email, SVN, and VSS"; Thursday, 02/28/08, 12:00 Noon EST; url: http://coldfusion.meetup.com/17/calendar/7386772/ MXUnit Eclipse Plugin Developer, Marc Esher, will discuss using FTP, Email, Subversion, and VSS access in your ANT build files. ColdFusion Meetup - "Unit Testing w/MXUnit - Jump Start"; Thursday, 03/06/08, 12:00 Noon EST; Bill and Marc will talk about getting started with MXUnit and unit testing. url: http://coldfusion.meetup.com/17/calendar/7388545/ Webmaniacs Conference - Washington, D.C., May 19-23, 2008. Bill and Marc will be presenting two sessions: a one-hour lecture and a two hour hands on session. Of course, these deal with concepts of Test Driven Development, unit testing, and MXUnit. We've included a couple of new features and bug fixes in MXUnit Release Candidate #1. Download the latest version of the framework here: http://mxunit.org/download.cfm and update your MXUnit Eclipse plugin using the following url: http://mxunit.org/update best, bill Q: Why write tests first? A: Because if you write your executable code first, chances are you won't go back and write a test for it.

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