That Rails dude is funny

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I caught this recently and enjoyed it. It's a presentation on unit testing from the railsenvy dude (aka Gregg Pollack, aka the dude made infamous in the cf world with this hilarious video). I know, I know. NO ONE actually watches any videos anyone posts on their blog with "hey, you should check this out!". What I like about this presentation is that Gregg's philosophy on unit testing is in line with Bill's and mine: no preaching. no religion. no zealotry. no "if you aren't testing, you aren't a programmer" nonsense. Our philosophy to date has been, simply, here's a framework for testing that we hope makes testing easier. Here's some advice, tutorials, case studies, etc. Here's a plugin for eclipse so you don't have to drop out of the IDE if you don't want to. If you manage to get started (that's the thing, really.... just start), we think you'll find it's not so bad. I find the perceptions of unit testing are similar to the perceptions of excercise, cough medicine, flu shots, and seat belts: You know you should, but... [insert reason why not here]? And so that's what I like about Rails dude's video: he talks about why he loves to test. That's all. Just a programmer who loves what he does. I dig that.


patched said...

Thanks for the kind words Marc, glad you liked the presentation. If you ever find yourself down in Orlando, FL you'll have to let me buy you a beer.

Marc Esher said...

And if you're ever in the DC, Maryland, PA area, I'll let you buy me one up here, too!