New MXUnit Dude

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Please join me in welcoming Amir Saheli as the newest MXUnit dude. Amir has oodles of software and product development experience and will be of tremendous value to the team. At this point, however, his libation and tobacco preferences are not fully understood. I suspect that this will not be an issue, as I personally have seen him smiling just a little too much from time to time. Other esteemed team members (vice corrections welcome): Raj Vijayaraman (Coffee, coffee, and espresso, and occasional green tea in large doses) Mike Rankin (Jolt++, Nyquil) Marc Esher (Glen[a-zA-Z]*, and anything from Havana) Bill(y) Shelton (too old for that shit)


AXS said...

Thanks Bill for the intro and making me sound important.
BTW, sometimes a smile is just a smile. ;)
Have a good weekend all.

Marc Esher said...

That's how Bill operates... he makes you feel important then doesn't buy you a box of Cohibas.

Some people...

Mike said...

Of course you realize I have to go build something like <cf_smokingDrunk>, don't you.

Marc Esher said...

Sample usage:

<cf_SmokingDrunk smoke="Cohiba" boughtby="NotBill" drink="Dalwhinnie15" boughtby="You Don't have to ask">

More sample usage:

<cf_SmokingDrunk smoke="El Producto" boughtby="ProbablyBill" drink="Gatorade" boughtby="Yup, Bill again">