More MXUnit updates; code generation and eclipse plugin

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

As Mike Rankin wrote yesterday, a modified version of CFCBlaster is slated to be used as the underlying test generator in MXUnit. It's not in the download yet but will be after we get it incorporated fully. If you're a subversion user, you can get all the latest mxunit code from (point to mxunit/trunk). The great thing about CFCBlaster is that it's XSLT-based and thus highly configurable. Also, tonight I put out an update to the MXUnit eclipse plugin for unit testing in the IDE. This release includes a very small bug fix (see explanation in the comments to this post). But the biggest change is that the view's two main panels are now resizable. This has been a long time coming, and its absence has annoyed me since the beginning. Bill promised me a box of Cohibas (right, Bill?) if I'd get this feature in sometime soon. Documentation for installing the framework and the plugin is right on the front page Enjoy.


bill said...

"...a box of Cohibas"? I was hoping you'd ask for El Producto blunts, but the plugin itself is truly worth far far more than a box of the finest from Habana! I'll make sure we'll have some for Webmaniacs.

Mike said...

I have to agree with Bill, here. The plugin totally teh RoXor5!

Marc Esher said...

Mike, if I ever make it to Laurel (never), I'm gonna slap you, or at least look at you real mean, for disgracing this blog with l33t.

I'll call off the dogs if you buy me a beer next time we're at duclaw.

Mike said...

It wasn't l33t. It was just an unfortunate series of typos. Did you notice that there isn't an edit button on here?

Doug Hughes said...

Is there a password to the mxunit svn repo?

bill said...

hi doug, try it without the "s" in the https. it should be:

If you prefer a git repo: it's also here: