cfcBlaster added to repository

Monday, January 21, 2008

I added the cfcBlaster derivative to the mxunit trunk. Take a look and see if it's heading where you want. Most of the potential at this point lies in making the templates more robust. Right now there are two very basic ones in there that are almost identical. The only difference is that one will create failures so you can dig into the tests that need attention and the other lets the tests succeed. WARNING: You will blow away any tests you have already written if you use this thing indiscriminately. Back up your existing tests if you care about them. You want to use this thing to jump start a bunch of testing stubs if you have a project already in progress and you need to catch up. It really doesn't work if you're doing TDD the way it's supposed to be done since it needs your components to build the test files. Ya gotta start somewhere, though.

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